Birmingham 2 vs Nottingham Magic Voodoo

Birmingham 2 vs Nottingham Magic Voodoo


By Andrew Bovey

Birmingham 2’s travelled to the Wild Cats Arena, Nottingham, to play their first ever league game on Friday, October 19.

Despite over half the players having only signed up at Sports Fair in September, or having recently joined after being recommended Korfball by friends, the team played with good structure and pace against the well established Nottingham Magic Voodoo team.

They did not let any inexperience show however, as they took the lead within the first five minutes of play thanks to a goal from Master student Ikhaals Kasli.

They continued to hold on to the lead throughout the close match, but even with one missed penalty and one missed free pass the final score was 10-9 in Birmingham’s favour.

Korfball Club Development Officer, Andrew Bovey, spoke after the game saying, ‘I am extremely impressed by our second team. They have risen to meet the challenge of a debut league match with new players fitting in with great flair and energy. Birmingham gave an outstanding performance and have made the club very proud’.

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