Birmingham 2 vs Nottingham Magic 1

Birmingham 2 vs Nottingham Magic 1


By Garikai Gono

Captain Ikhlaas led Brum uni 2nds in what can only be politely described as a hammering by Notts Magic 1. Magic were quite clearly the more experienced team and this reflected in the 15 – 6 scoreline. The first half was one that Brum would be happy forgetting as they were 9 – 1 down and the half way mark with the only goal coming from a penalty by the captain. Rookie korfer Garikai (23) missed a penalty early on which could have lifted the spirits. After a first half that was more of a physical battle than a Korfball match, Brum uni came back to play ASTOUNDINGLY in the second half. Daniel (17) switched it on to score 3 in Brum uni’s come back. Some say he resembled a young Bovey, he did that #17 jersey justice. 23 made up for past errors by scoring 2 goals. The score could have been better but goals from Jules and Bethan were disallowed as they were defended. Megan gave her defender a hard time on her d├ębut, partnered with Jessyka they were holding the collect and feed positions brilliantly. Robert was the silent assassin, fighting off a sore throat but he was taking to the ball like a frog to flies. Brum uni managed to score 5 goals in the second half and only concede 6 which was a massive improvement, with more fluid Korfball being played. Well done guys.

HALF TIME: Magic 9 – 1 Brum
FULL TIME: Magic 15 – 6 Brum

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