About Korfball

What is Korfball?

Korfball is fast-paced, dynamic and the only mixed team sport in the world, making it inclusive and accessible to anyone. Its principles are similar to those of netball, handball and basketball but the unique defending, mixed gender rules and ability to shoot 360° around the korf make for a much more varied game at a faster pace.

Korfball takes its name from the Dutch word for basket, ‘korf’ and was created in 1902 by Dutch school-teacher Nico Broekhuysen. The game is based on the principles of co-operation and co-education.

The defended and running rules encourage high levels of team work and the equality rule ensures that the same number of males and females play equal roles in matches – players can only mark a player of the same gender.

Why should I join the club?

Korfball is the perfect sport for anyone who wants to try something new. Almost all of us had never heard of Korfball before Uni, so everyone starts at the same level.

Over the first few weekends of term, we attend freshers tournaments at Cardiff and Sheffield, which are designed to allow newcomers to play alongside more experienced players. Of course, there is a night out after a hard day of Korf.

We currently have five active teams of around 12 members each, all entered into different leagues.

Since Korfball is a mixed sport, the socials are excellent! We have awesome socials every week, before finishing off the second term with the club tour to the Attila Korfball Tournament in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

No membership required until October. Don't miss out!

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